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The Pony Express: America

The Pony Express: America's First Express Mail

Written By: Christine Dantz

The conditions endured by the riders of the Pony Express make today's mail carriers work look like a cake walk! Stick around Back in the USA for more harrowing stories of real, American heroes!

The First Vacuum

Pneumatic Cleaner: The First Vacuum or a Medical Procedure

Written By: Christine Dantz

Today, inventors are still working on the perfect vacuum, but, the idea is still the same more than 100-years later; clean the floor of dust, dirt, and other particles without inhaling the toxins into your lungs!

Pullman Trains America

Pullman Trains: America's Passenger Class Train Cars

Written By: Christine Dantz

Before there was Amtrak, several American cities had Pullman Trains. Considered a luxury train, they were a step up from Amtrak, but, were a far cry from the Oriental Express.

Cocaine America

Cocaine: America's First Cure-All Drug

Written By: Christine Dantz

Before America began the war on drugs with the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914, cocaine was one of America's first "cure-all" medications.

The New Deal and the Civilian Conservation Corps

American Innovation: The New Deal and the Civilian Conservation Corps

Written By: Christine Dantz

On March 31, 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Federal Unemployment Relief Act into law. The act, a part of the New Deal, enrolled unmarried, unemployed, healthy young men between the ages of 18 and 23.

An American First The Steam Powered Motorcycle

An American First: The Steam-Powered Motorcycle

Written By: Christine Dantz

Today’s motorcycle enthusiasts can thank Sylvester Roper. The Massachusetts resident built the first motorcycle in 1869, and it was a steam-powered hit with the public

The New Deal and Putting America to Work

American Innovations: The New Deal and Putting America to Work

Written By: Christine Dantz

Whether or not you agree that the New Deal was a success, certainly no one can argue that it helped millions of Americans find, once again, the dignity that comes with work and the ability to feed their families during one of the harshest periods of American history.

The History of bowlings

The Amazingly Long History of Bowling

Written By: Christine Dantz

You may not realize it, but people have been bowling for hundreds of years

Early Days of Amputation in America

The Early Days of Amputation in America

Written By: Christine Dantz

Medical amputation has come a long way since the American Civil War, in fact, today most of our country’s war vets who loss a limb in the line of duty go on to live long, active lives.

Elizabeth Jennings Graham The Rosa Parks of 1855

Elizabeth Jennings Graham: The Rosa Parks of 1855

Written By: A. Wilt

What most people don’t know is that Rosa Parks wasn’t the first to test the segregation of public transportation. Over 100 years before Rosa Parks' decision instigated legal and moral changes throughout the United States, Elizabeth Jennings Graham faced a similar situation.

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