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Google's Project Ara: Build-Your-Own Smartphone, Are You Game?

Written By: Christine Dantz

June 2015

Google wants to connect more people to smartphones (Think—More people with smartphones equals more people using Google products) with their purchase of the Ara phone, in an effort to compete with the thin iPhones made by Apple.

The new phone is unique in a few ways to the industry that is quickly running out of new ways to 'wow' consumers. The smartphone is made of segments that allow the owner to build-their-own phone, exchange and maneuver pieces, as well as replace parts as they break.

Back in the USA News Story: Google's Project Ara:  Build-Your-Own Smartphone, Are You Game?.

he last part is unique in its own right because the smartphones outer shell is rarely cost effective to fix. This, along with the starting price of $50 (That's the total price, not the monthly payment!) will make smartphones affordable for users everywhere and expand the reach of internet access to more Americans and developing countries.

Of course, a smartphone is only as good as the service users have access too, which is why the tech giant is negotiating with service providers around the world to bring the Ara online.

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