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China's Attack on America: From Computer Hacking to Stealing Corn Seeds

Written By: Brenda (B.K.) Walker

April 2016

China's continued invasion on the American way of life exceeds the limitations of hacking terabytes of information via the internet. Iowa farmers are finding themselves under siege by seed stealing Chinese nationals bent on cashing in on agricultural technology.

According to sources, U.S. officials are warning farmers to keep a lookout for unfamiliar vehicles close to their crops as agricultural espionage is on the rise.

In 2013, Chinese national, Mo Hailong and six of his cohorts were arrested and charged with agricultural espionage after they were caught digging up genetically modified corn seeds from Iowa farms, with the intent of sending them back to China. The authorities had been tracking Hailong's actions since 2011, when they first discovered his huckstering shenanigans.

China's government denies any involvement in the theft, and prosecutors of the case were unable to make any legitimate connection between Hailong's criminal actions and the Chinese government.

China's Attack on America: From Computer Hacking to Stealing Corn Seeds

Read more about agricultural espionage: In Iowa corn fields, Chinese national's seed theft exposes vulnerability

Edwards, J. (2016, April 11). In Iowa corn fields, Chinese national's seed theft exposes vulnerability. Retrieved from News Republic.


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