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Trade Agreements, Dumping, and Hacking: U.S. Steel Says China's Guilty!

Written By: Brenda (B.K.) Walker

May 2016

U.S. Trade agreements have been a part of the international political system for decades, and often times a bone of contention for many manufacturing industry leaders. Now add the consistent and continued threat of hacking incidents by foreign entities, and you have the makings for a whole new dimension to filing trade complaints.

Trade Agreements, Dumping, and Hacking: U.S. Steel Says China's Guilty!

Sources revealed that the International Trade Commission (ITC) has a received a trade complaint filed by U.S. Steel Corp alleging,

  1. "The Chinese industry has formed a cartel that sets purchase and sale prices, and controls production and export volumes to target markets."
  2. By using its government, the Chinese industry is hacking and stealing trade secrets, developed and owned by U.S. Steel, then using that information to enhance its steel production.

The complaint includes those actions covered under section 337 of Tariff Act of 1930

"…infringement of intellectual property rights (patents and copyrights) as well as unfair methods of competition and unfair acts of the importation and sale of products in the U.S."

The concept of "dumping" isn't new, nor the issue of hacking… has covered many reports involving trade complaints seeking "anti-dumping" regulations, as well as hacking by foreign entities.

Geewax, M. (2016, April 29). U.S. Steel Says China Is Using Cyber Stealth To Steal Its Secrets. Retrieved from NPR.
U.S. Steel Files ITC Complaint. (2016, April 26). Retrieved from United States Steel Corporation.


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