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Buying American Made Products

Written By: Phil Davis

A Call to Arms; Buying American Made Products…

by Phil Davis, Founder of Back in The USA

Made in America, Made in the USA, and American Made are all phrases we are proud to see and hear in our current environment of "The Cheap;" a phrase I invented to describe cheaply made products from low wage or undeveloped countries.

When we see a company take the bold step of manufacturing products in America, we verbally praise the commitment of the individuals behind those products. Especially when we see and feel the standard of quality harkening back to a time in America’s former manufacturing glory.

But, verbal praise is no longer good enough, it is not working; it is time to take a different path—it is time to go to war.


A Call to Arms; Buying American Made Products, by Phil Davis, Founder of Back in The USA. Back in the USA Manifesto

This war, or revolution, is not about the musket balls and gunpowder, as our founding fathers fought in freeing a people deserving of liberty from a distant Empire. No, this war is to be fought with a far more powerful force—almost nuclear—the force of our wallets and purses, our check books and credit cards, and our determined focus on real change—to bring back America to the productive enterprising wealth builder for all of its citizens, not just a few.

I don’t need to point out the effects of our own federal government giving away jobs; and even whole industries, through their ill thought-out trade pacts and agreements with low wage countries. You already see the devastation of livelihoods to your friends and family, and maybe yourself, resulting from these decisions.

Likewise, describing the large and greedy multinational corporations, bent on only executive payouts and shareholder value, chipping away at Middle America through their outsourcing practices, is not needed. Everyone, except a fool, knows of the crumbling wage structure, the loss of value in personal assets, and the gnawing fear that one’s standard of living will be less than their parents, or even grandparents.

Furthermore, one does not need to bring to your attention that major retailers have no interest in you—aside from the depth of your wallet—as you peruse the shelves of foreign made goods, shopping in their stadium like stores.

Cleary, we the consumers and builders of America, have no real friends in government, big business, or in our cash-eating retailers. We are only used as pawns to enrich those groups, to make sure that they thrive, that they are successful, and they have secure futures.

We are told we are the most important—the hardworking citizens and consumers—of this country. Yet, the actions of those groups betray their smooth sounding words as lies, as psychological warfare, and foster in us, a willingness to look elsewhere in securing our own personal futures. So who needs them any longer!

What you do need, though, is the information and training on how to fight our enemies, how to become combat-hardened, and how to win battles against a persistent and well-trained foe.

You may feel the war is lost, that the country will never have well-paid jobs again by making our own products.

But this is wrong thinking – it say’s “I have already capitulated, I give up, I surrender to "The Cheap.”

As a harbinger of change—as one who foresees "The Cheap" of the future, surrounded by the encamped armies of the Made in America forces—I am here to help you understand that this war can be won; that our enemies do have weaknesses; and that you and I possess the power and resources.

We only need a persistent determination, to win battle after battle, until we relegate "The Cheap" to the status it truly deserves, a faded and unpleasant memory.

Ask yourself these questions:

What would crime, hunger, and un-happiness look like in America if all her citizens had good jobs and livable incomes?

What would family life be like if everyone had the opportunity to start a business or find a place in a productive industry?

Moreover, what would our economy look like if full employment meant truly full and not a string of low paid part-time jobs, or require some sort of state assistance to survive?

“Well,” you might say, “that can never happen!”

But that, dear readers, would be faulty thinking of the highest order.

It can happen, if we—the US consumer—the most powerful consumer group in the history of the world takes charge.

That means no longer depending on, or even believing, our crony-capitalist politicians.

It means questioning every sales pitch we get from corporate America, and their enablers, the giant retail industry.

It means turning our hard earned dollars into weapons—our buying power into battle plans, and branding our purchases as votes; votes that replace our impotent and feeble attempts at democracy.

This is why we created Back in the USA; a site dedicated to listing every company that makes products here in the USA, with the kind of care and consideration an informed consumer would expect. We have some way to go before that goal is reached, to be sure, but it will happen.

We also present articles and investigate stories that will help you make good decisions while fighting against "The Cheap", all the while exposing the half-truths, or downright lies, of our enemy.

As we win battle after battle, our cash spent, our green blood spilled, it stays right here in America, and it becomes available for the next warrior to use in future battles against those who confuse quality with quantity.


A Call to Arms; Buying American Made Products, by Phil Davis, Founder of Back in The USA. Back in the USA Manifesto

This is the simple message at Back in the USA—keeping our money here, in the US, and not lining the pockets of everyone except the hard working Americans.

It is really that simple;

...we, the consumer, can band together, and put economic boots on the ground. We have overwhelming firepower, if we coordinate our ideals and values, head-on, against "The Cheap".

Our goal is to help you find products made in America, along with a disclosure of the origin of the components in each item. We understand that we live in a global society, and the US is not an isolationist country; therefore, we do not expect American made products to always be literally 100% made in the US, even down to the glue or rivets.

Some companies may go that far—which is great—and many times whole industries for certain components are just gone from our shores, which makes it impossible for a product to be 100% made in the USA, at least currently. Our main concern is that more and more manufacturers focus on how they can make a product with the most American hands possible.

We want our dollars, the ones we spend, to circulate back into the US economy, where they can be best put to use.

Here is the tactical support we now have, as well as those soon to come:

  • Listing, by category, of products Made in the USA
  • A description of each company who produces USA made items
  • You will be able to see if their call and service centers are in the USA
  • The number of employees they have
  • Where you can purchase the products
  • And, our well-written, informative news stories and articles that you will not find anywhere else.

Therefore, as a representative of the coalition standing resolute against our collective economic enemies, ask yourself these questions:

Is there any political party that will truly take up this challenge of liberating our economy?

Will our federal government revert to its once truly innovative self, instead of its evil, cash-swilling crony-capitalist twin?

Can retailers, who only brag about cheaper prices, really promote American made items, encouraging well-paid jobs to those who produce them?

I think you know the answers. I think you realize it is up to us, the consumer, to right the wrong.

I think you know what needs to be done.

So let’s get with it—and start thinking in terms of warfare—not welfare.

Let’s forget about financial aid—and work for American made.

Let’s prepare, and get ready for battle—and not listen to our enemy’s propaganda babble.

Follow us on to the front lines, as we drive out "The Cheap" from American jobs and local business.

As we expose those who try to siphon the hard-earned cash from you, only to further promote their ill-gotten wealth, we stand resolute together, proudly declaring that we are undefeatable, and unbent to their deceitful ways.

Let’s join together, arm in arm, in this righteous fight, of promoting and buying American.


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