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The First All-American Made Airbus Rolls off the Assembly in Mobile, Alabama

Written By: Christine Dantz

March 2016

After opening in September of 2015, the first all-American made Airbus is on its way to get a custom paint job at the new, 600-million-dollar plant in Mobile, Alabama. The next stop on the all-American Airbus A321 is the delivery to its new, U.S. owner, JetBlue Airways.

First Airbus aircraft Made in the USA
(photo of Airbus downloaded via "")

The French company operates three major manufacturing factories for the A321; Tianjin (China), Europe, and the U.S. All airplanes manufactured at the Alabama plant will be sold in America. Airbus opened the plant to keep manufacturing and operations closer to its customer base. Currently, and in the foreseeable future, the company's highest demand is from sales in America and China.

Airbus presents another example of foreign companies nearshoring manufacturing in America to streamline sales to local customers. One has to wonder if companies from France, China, and Germany are manufacturing products in the U.S., why so many American companies still refuse to RESHORE their manufacturing operations back to the U.S.

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