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Welcome! You’re “Back in the USA”.  

Our primary mission is to answer What is Made in America”?

To accomplish this daunting task we created a website dedicated to collecting and presenting ALL products made in the USA. BackintheUSA is more than just a click through site, which is merely a simple collection of web links. BackintheUSA collects pertinent information about the product and company without ever leaving our site. Information like:

- Where in the USA the product is made?

- The number of US employees who manufacture or assemble the product(s)?

- Where in the USA the product(s) can be purchased, including e- commerce sites?

- How much of the product is truly made in the USA and what percentages of the components in the product are manufactured in the USA. 

- Does the company maintain a US based technical and/or customer support center for their product(s)? 

- And much more.....

AND – it’s all for free!

Because your movements are never tracked nor do we require any type of account set up to use the site, you can feel secure in searching BackintheUSA. You will never receive solicitations or spam e-mails from us or any company in our database as a result of searching BackintheUSA – guaranteed.

And finally, we have taken the position of being politically neutral.  Instead, we prefer to look at this subject as a “fundamental economic reality”, which affects all of us now and in the future.

To post any comments, suggestions, questions or if you would like to nominate a US made product for the site, please go to the “contact us” page.

We would love to hear from you.

This website was 100% built in the USA.

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BackintheUSA Brings you products Made in the USA and the US companies who make them.