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Buying American Made Products
Made in America, Made in the USA, and American Made are all phrases we are proud to see and hear in our current environment of "The Cheap;" a phra... Read More

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Breaking News: Light From Electronics is Killing You
The research begins before electricity, when the sunrise and sunset regulated the lives of all human beings. ... Read More


Bird Flu Hits Iowa Facility: Millions of Hens Slaughtered
According to sources, an egg-laying facility in Iowa will euthanize over 5 million hens.... Read More

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The Overall State of Well-Being: Who's Thriving and Who's Not
Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, tells us who's thriving, who's not thriving, as well as what areas Americans are thriving in and what areas they are not thriving.... Read More


The Rolling Stone Scandal: What's Next?
In the December 2014 issue, Rolling Stone published its story ‘A Rape on Campus,’ detailing a graphic account of the rape of Jackie, a student at The University of Virginia, at a Phi Kappa Psi fra... Read More

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Building a Better World-One Hemp House at a Time
It's time Americans step up to the plate and let Washington know that enough is enough, stop preventing our country's growth because of outdated, incorrect notions about hemp!... Read More

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Insurance (0)
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Medical (5)
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Sporting Goods (90)
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Toys (20)
Travel (19)  

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New Mexico (2)
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Oklahoma (4)
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Rhode Island (5)
South Carolina (7)
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Utah (5)
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Wisconsin (11)
Wyoming (1)

Walking on Water
Written By: Nate Fakes

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