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Lumber Liquidators' Stocks Take a Tumble after "60 Minutes" Report
The report uncovered evidence regarding Lumber Liquidators flooring produced in China... Read More


New Anti-Dumping Rates Increase for Tire Imports from China
This decision by the agency brings those workers back towards fair trade in the U.S., helping them retain their jobs.... Read More

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State Vs. Federal Law: Is Your State Defying Federal Laws?
States continue defying Federal laws, from marijuana, 'Obamacare,' and guns to military surplus and education—the power struggle is real and growing. Every state in the U.S. currently has legislatio... Read More


Something Fishy in the US Courts
The one that got away from the Justice Department. A fishermen charged of a crime used against white collar criminals smells to the Supreme Court... Read More

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HIV As the Next Cancer Cure?
🙌 A MUST WATCH VIDEO IN THE STORY🙌 HIV, long known as the virus that leads to AIDS, has recently found a new identity in the fight against cancer.... Read More


Doctor Who? Meet America's Next Doctor
This MD isn't human, and it doesn't have a gender (or a license to practice medicine, which might be more important). Meet America's next Doc, the iDoc.... Read More

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Written By: Mark Parisi: Off the Mark

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