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Buying American Made Products
Made in America, Made in the USA, and American Made are all phrases we are proud to see and hear in our current environment of "The Cheap;" a phra... Read More

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STOP! Back Away from the Tuna Roll
The CDC has issued an all-out warning to consumers against eating raw tuna products... Read More


U.S. Automakers Still Failing: Ford Recalls Another 433K Vehicles
The automaker had to recall 433,000 vehicles in the U.S. ... Read More

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It's Your Money, but You Can't Have It all Right Now
The 1970 Bank Secrecy Act and Structuring: What Every American Should Know ... Read More


Eminent Domain: Does Your Property REALLY Belong to You?
Eminent Domain is a power of the government, granted by the 5th Amendment to the Constitution, with the words “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” ... Read More

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Introducing the Self-Steering Bullet
The U.S. Military's newest weapon brings new meaning to the old saying, "This bullet has your name on it." ... Read More


Google's Project Ara: Build-Your-Own Smartphone, Are You Game?
The new phone is unique in a few ways to the industry that is quickly running out of new ways to 'wow' consumers. ... Read More

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Walking on Water
Written By: Nate Fakes

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